Sept 24 Japanese Cooking (ENG)

English speaking Cooking Class in HK

Mayu’s Kitchen & Co., one of the most popular cooking workshops in Paris, started to offer the best food-culture classes in Asia.   Chef  Mayu, has been trained  in  Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Traditional Japanese Culinary Art <Yanagihara :Kinsa-Ryu> and worked for French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and  international VIP clients as private chef.  She will be happy to assist you into the fun authentic world of French  & Japanese cooking including the starters, main courses, desserts, etc…

We offer  2 styles of  cooking  classes:

① Group class ( Monthly menu is fixed by chef for 3hours )

② Private class  ( Menu  & schedule are bespoke & flexible.  Please read BELOW ) 

Cooking Courses  including FRENCH, JAPANESE, KIDS

  • Amazing chef’s tips  & new ways of  healthy & delicious cooking
  • Simple & easy recipes & culinary art presentation
  • Authentic, & family heritage recipes from France & Japan
  • Fresh ingredients & good quality, organic products
  • Courses in English ,  small group, and easy for beginners
  • Open to everyone and design to learn Happy Food with great fun!

Group Lesson: September 24 (wed) at 10am -1pm JAPANESE COOKONG


  • Startar: Winter melon and Japanese Aburaage (fried tofu) salad
  • Main:  Japanese pumpkin & chicken, ginger sauce
  • Rice: Umeboshi (salted plum) & Sesame & Shiso Rice
  • Kakitama Miso Soup & Japanse green tea are served

Chef takes you through the whole meal process (startar, main dish, rice) and everyone will enjoy the meal as a reward. It is  fun learning in small groups, relaxing & friendly home-style environment.  All ingredients, equipment, original recipes are provided.  A glass of wine or soft drink, bread, tea are served at meal time.  Book TODAY!

Venu: Mayu’s Kitchen & Co.  ( Near MTR HKU * to be announced after booking completion)

Cost: 800 HKD per class **  Special offer price at 680 HKD per class for purchasing 10 lessons (PACKAGES 6800HKD) . You may share with another students 5 tickets each. OR, you can share with your family &  new friend(s) who join the lesson at his/her 1st time with you

Booking: Please write your message/request with (1)your name, (2)phone number, (3)email address, (4) preferable booking date(s), # of people, & (5) dietary restrictions   EMAIL: or  Facebook:

◆ Your Private CLASSES ◆

On top of  Group lesson,  you can create your PRIVATE class, 1)  Choose # of people for your class: With your friends? (See choice A) or only YOU (See choice B) ?      Book with your friends or  hoose your suitable dates & favorite menu.  you can create a private class, the schedule  & menu are more flexible.   Choice A: Book  between 4 to 8 persons to make a class, The location is  Mayu’s kitchen (Near MTR HKU) for 10am-1pm, or 2:30pm to 5pm. ( per person 800 HKD & minimum 3200HKD/ per class.  Choose from our seasonal / suggested menu, or tell us one dish you are interested to make)   Choice B: It is  1 person- 1 teacher private class;   You are the only student for 2 to 3 hours class:   Menu & schedule are bespoke.  Chef can teach you step by step,  according to your level.  (2400HKD/ per class, or  2100HKD per time for 2 class-package.)   * Location can be your place (Kowloon or HK island), daytime or evening/weekend class.   800HKD per person, & Minimum charge is 5000hkd including all ingredients for the menu, recipes)   * Mayu’s Kitchen  also offer private chef service . Please see the page of  Private Chef


  • Bookings can be made in order of priority & will become effective upon the settlement of tuition fee.
  • Payment is by check or direct payment (bank transfer) at least 3 days before the day of the class

Cancellation policy:

  • Reservation date can be rescheduled, if canceled more than 3 days prior to booking start date
  • If canceled less than 2  business days prior to booking start date, a partial refund of 50% of the cost of the class or reservation date can be rescheduled in case the seat is available in next 2 days.
  • No cancellation notice, or If canceled less than 24 hours prior to booking start date, no refund is issued


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オレンジのコンポートとオレンジの皮のコンフィチュール グランマニエ風味 Orange compote, confiture de orange, Grand Marnier



orange liquor cocktail

( 4 人分 )

オレンジ(小)x4個 *サイズが大きいなら2つ


水300ml  (ワインを加えて、水を減らしてもOK)+ グラニュー糖100g

オレンジ系のリキュール:グランマニエ、コワントロー、ホワイトキュラソーなど 50ml

皮のコンフィチュール: オレンジ(皮)2個分 + グラニュー糖40g + 水40ml

  1. オレンジの皮をピーラーで剥くか千切り専用ピーラーを使って皮の千切りを作る。
  2. オレンジの頭とお尻を包丁で落として、ノコギリのように包丁をうごかして、中の白い部分が残らないように、綺麗に皮をむく。 丸のままか、大きい場合は半分に切る* 白い部分は苦味になるので入れない。
  3. <シロップ>。鍋に水とグラニュー糖を入れて沸騰させ、砂糖を溶かす。1のオレンジを加える。オレンジがひたひたぐらいに水,(ワインもOK) を足しクッキングペーパーで作った落し蓋をして、中火にかけ、沸騰したら弱火にし、3~4分煮る。シロップごとタッパーに移し、粗熱が取れたらグランマニエ(またはオレンジ系のリキュール)を回しかけ、冷蔵庫で冷やす。 
  4. <皮のコンフィチュール>オレンジの皮は中の白いワタを取り除き、細いせん切りにする。鍋に入れてたっぷりの水(分量外)を加え、沸騰するまで煮る。お湯を捨てもう2回程繰り返す。(茹でこぼすことでオレンジの汚れや苦味が取れる。)
  5. 鍋に水とグラニュー糖を入れて火にかけ、グラニュー糖が溶けたら皮を加え、水分がなくなるまで煮る。薄く茶色くなるぐらい。
  6. 器によく冷えた2のオレンジをのせて<シロップ>をかけ、4のオレンジの皮を飾る。


  • アルコールなしの場合はリキュール類も一緒にシロップに入れて一度沸騰させる。
  • 水やワインを足し過ぎた場合には、オレンジをバットやタッパーに移してから、煮汁だけ、タッパーに収まるように煮詰める。
  • 残ったシロップは紅茶に入れたり、お湯割りにしても。ふやかしたゼラチン(液体の1〜3%)で固めて、もう1品冷たいデザートを作っても、使い道はいろいろです。
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