Medicine Food: Beet 美食同源&薬膳: ビーツ

Namep Beets (Beetroot、table beet)  Bettrave

ビート、ビーツ カエンサイ(火焔菜)

Let’s touing Wetmarket in HK. There are many unknown  vegetables. Today’s Medicine Food is BEET. 

 What is a Beet?
Actually, It is NOT tunip. Beet is from the amaranth family with many cultivated varieties, but the most well known is the red root vegetable known as the beetroot or garden beet, the famous ingredient of borscht. Beetroot can be red, purple, golden and pink. Beets are often pickled, roasted, added to soups and salads.    i

What are the health benefits of Beets?
In traditional Chinese medicines, beets (Pin Yin: Tian Caiare ) considered cool and sweet and are used to treat anemia, heart weakness, irritability, restlessness, constipation, herpes, and to detoxify the liver.   Guess what, Ancient Romans used beetroot as a treatment for fevers and constipation, and it was thought that the leaves were good for binding wounds.

Today,  we ca find beets as “Medicine Food”.  a great source of folate, potassium, manganese and other powerful nutrient compounds that help protect against heart disease and birth defects.  Their deep red color, called “betacyanin”, is a potent cancer-fighting agent. Because beetroots are very rich in the B vitamin folate, which is critical for normal tissue growth, they are especially important to eat during pregnancy.

香港っという土地柄、地消地産はほとんどできず、世界中の食材が集まって、四季や旬なんてない!っと思っている方、実は、オーガニック農家や街市は旬の食材がいろいろあるんです。 Mayu’s Kitchen & Co. では香港のオーガニック農家や街市での食ツアーをはじめました香港に来たばかりの方、中国野菜を知りたい方、香港のローカルスーパーや街市で買える旬のオーガニックや旬の食材、その調理の仕方、そして野菜の効能や食文化を教えています。(レッスン、ツアーのお問い合わせはこちら

日本ではあまりお目にかからない赤いカブ。ビーツ。和名は火焔菜(かえんさい)甜菜(テンサイ)の仲間。香港の地元オーガニック農家からも届きました。 実は、赤かぶの様に見えますが、カブやダイコンとは関係なく、ホウレン草と同じアカザ科でサトウダイコンの仲間。ビーツは食べる輸血と言われるほど、リン、ナトリウム、マグネシウム、カルシウム、鉄、カリウムが豊富で、さらにビタミンA、C、ナイアシン、ビオチン、そして食物繊維も豊富に含まれているスーパー野菜。特にビートの根にはビタミンCが多く含まれ、葉は鉄分が豊富。 妊活、妊娠中の女性にはオススメ食材。

ビーツの効果: 疲労回復,免疫力UP: 整腸作用(天然オリゴ糖、食物繊維)、便秘解消、子宮筋腫、更年期に悩む貧血予防, がんの予防(赤い色素成分のるベタシアニン)


効能:清熱涼血、行瘀止血、 閉経



  • (下準備)皮付きのまま塩と酢を加えた湯で1~2時間茹でる。切ってから茹でると、どうしても色が水に溶けだし、赤色が抜けてしまいます。
  • (下準備) 皮付きのままアルミホイルで包み、180℃程度のオーブンで1時間焼く。焼き芋のような感じに仕上がり、ほくほくとして甘味が出る。
  • 生から使うのであれば皮をむいて適当な大きさに切り分け、チキンストックやブイヨンで柔らかく煮てからミキサーにかけてなめらかなピューレにする。
  • 手軽に調理したい場合は、水煮にした缶詰や真空パックのビーツを使う。

ビーツのレシピ: (4月のお料理教室の前菜メニューに入っています)

ビーツのカルパッチョ、ビーツのサラダ、ビーツ&ブルーチーズ サンドイッチ




reference from  WhiteRabbitinstitute


Western Name: Beets

Also Known As: Beetroot, Table Beet

Organs/Systems: Immune, Digestive, Nervous Systems

Key Western Actions & Medicinal Uses: Immune Enhancing, Nutritious, Antioxidant. Highly nutritious, improves eyesight, strengthens immunity, balances blood sugars, reduces tumors, improves metabolism, constipation, improves proper cell growth.



Pin Yin: Tian Cai

Also Known As: Hong Cai Tou (Beetroot)

Meridians: Liver, Heart, Intestines

Key TCM Actions & Medicinal Uses: Nourishes the Blood/Tonifies the Heart/Calms Shen/Lubricates the Intestines/Cleanses the Liver: anemia, irritability, restlessness, habitual constipation, detoxes the liver from drugs or alcohol, herpes.

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5 types of Pie Pastry -quiche


パイ生地種類のまとめ  for  Perfect & Foolproof Quiche

5 types of pie pasty

  • Short crust pastry (pâte brisée) no sugar, perfect for savory dishes. It is the simplest and most common pastry. It is made with flour, fat, butter, salt, and water to bind the dough. This is used mainly in tarts. It is also the pastry that is used most often in making a quiche. (as in crumbly; hence the term shortcrust), tender pastry.
  • Sweet crust pastry (pâte sucrée,) in which sugar and egg yolks have been added (rather than water) to bind the short crust pastry
  • Sable pastry (pâte sablée) This crust is known as a sweet cookie crust or a shortbread crust. Itis similar of Sweet crust pastry pâte sucrée. But to make a pâte sablée, wet ingredients are creamed together before adding the dry ingredients. Therefore, the texture become sable cookies, “ sandy”,
  • Flaky pastry is a for Americans recipes, (not in French recipe), it expands when cooked due to the number of layers. It bakes into a crisp, buttery pastry.
  • Puff pastry(pâte feuilletée) .Regarded as the ultimate professional pastry, this type is time-consuming but worth making. It is used for savoury pie crusts and as wrapping for meat and poultry, as well as vol-au-vents, cream horns and mille feuilles. Puff pastries come out of the oven light, flaky, and tender.

参照: Wiki Shortcrust pastry, sweetcrust pastry, (Pate Sucree)

pâte sucrée (difference from Pate sucree) par le fait que le beurre est incorporé à la préparation par sablage et non par crémage, c’est-à-dire qu’il est mélangé à froid avec la farine et le sucre. Le beurre entoure ainsi chaque grain de farine et de sucre, ce qui fait qu’après la cuisson les grains ne sont pas totalement solidaires, ce qui donne la texture sablée.Les œufs sont ajoutés avant incorporation de la farine.  Flaky pastry

Puff pastry pâte feuilletée
Choux pastry 
Phyllo (Filo)
Hot water crust pastry

Shortcrust Pastry

This is probably the most versatile type of pastry as it can be used for savoury and sweet pies, tarts and flans. There are several different ways of making shortcrust pastry. (See ‘How to Make Perfect Shortcrust Pastry.’)

Puff Pastry

This is one of the ‘flaked pastries’ characterised by fat and air being trapped between the layers of the pastry dough to give a flimsy, light and crisp finish.

Regarded as the ultimate professional pastry, this type is time-consuming but worth making. It is used for savoury pie crusts and as wrapping for meat and poultry, as well as vol-au-vents, cream horns and mille feuilles (small iced cakes that are filled with jam and cream.)

Flaky Pastry

Used as a crust for savoury pies, sausage rolls, Eccles cakes and jam puffs, flaky pastry is best made in cool conditions and must be chilled during and after making, to prevent the fat content from melting out under cooking conditions.

Rough Puff Pastry

This type is a cross between puff and flaky pastry. It is also good for sausage rolls, savoury pie crusts and tarts and has the advantage of being easier to make than puff pastry, but is as light as flaky pastry.

All three of these flaked pastries need similar care.

  • Handle as little and as lightly as possible
  • Fat and dough content should be of the same consistency and temperature
  • Roll pastry evenly without stretching it or forcing out air
  • Brush with beaten egg glaze before baking


Flaky pastry, also known as blitz pastry or rough puff, is a light and flaky unleavened pastry that is similar to, but distinct from, puff pastry. Flaky pastry relies on large lumps of shortening (approximately 1 in or 2.5 cm across) mixed into the dough, as opposed to the large rectangle of shortening in puff pastry.

Choux Pastry

This incredibly light speciality pastry is used in the making of éclairs, profiteroles and cream buns. Air lifts the pastry during cooking to treble in size…all those cream-filled delights.

Filo Pastry

This type of pastry (along with finely shredded kadafi pastry, also from the Mediterranean) is made in very thin sheets and used as a casing for numerous delicate savoury and sweet dishes. Made with high gluten content flour, filo is very difficult to make and needs careful handling because it is such a thin, fragile pastry that dries out quickly. Some people prefer to buy readymade filo pastry, but even that is not easy to use. It must be brushed with oil or melted butter/ghee before shaping and cooking. Samosas are deep-fried with spicy fillings, wrapped in filo pastry, and prawns in filo pastry make popular savoury nibbles. This type is similar to strudel pastry.

Suet Crust Pastry

A traditional, British, pastry used for steamed or boiled puddings, dumplings and roly-poly puddings. Steak and kidney pudding is famously made with suet crust pastry as is spotted dick and treacle pudding.

Made with self-raising flour, shredded suet and for some lighter recipes, fresh white breadcrumbs, suet crust pastry should have a light spongy texture-it is very filling though!

Hot Water Crust Pastry

Moulded by hand while warm and used for raised meat and game pies (like the famous Melton Mowbray Pork Pies) hot water crust pastry is a rich and crisp speciality. Plain flour, salt, egg yolk and lard boiled up with water are the ingredients which, once mixed, kneaded, shaped and rested, can be used to line a hinged tin pie mould, or moulded over a large floured jam jar. Once set, the dough is filled, covered, sealed and decorated before being baked.

Pate Sucree Pastry

As the name suggests, this pastry is French. It is a sweet pastry that incorporates sugar and egg yolks for a rich, sweet result. Usually baked blind, it gives a thin, crisp pastry that melts in the mouth.

These are a few of the basic pastry types. Making pastry is not difficult and with attention to a few important details like:

  • correct fat to flour ratio-roughly half as much fat to flour
  • add water carefully and slowly, preferably from the fridge
  • handle pastry as little as possible
  • avoid over-flouring the rolling pin and board
  • always preheat the oven to the recommended temperature

you will be making pies, puddings and parcels with confidence.


How To Make a Foolproof Quiche

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