Kids friendly Japanese Cooking Class @ YOUR HOME

Mayu’s Kitchen & Co. offers a great deal of workshop for kids friendly Japanese cooking @ your home.

The suspension of schools is extended & many kids events are cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak. If you need to entertain your kids, please contact us. The workshop will be held with more than 2 pairs of “kid &adult (his/her parent or helper)” at your home. This offer will remain until 2 MARCH 2020.

Kids & Family Cooking Class

As a fun activity during weekend, school holidays, or a surprising birthday present for your kids, Mayu’s kitchen offers several level of KIDS -LOVE -JAPANESE cooking lessons for your kids and adults. Kids can share their wonderful lunch with their friends and families.cookie decoration

Time:  10:30am to 12:30pm. or Afternoon, about 2 hours. ( incl. cooking & meals)

Location: At your home or the room/club house with kitchen facility
*Must be in HongKong island or Kowloon and easy & short distance access to MTR.  Otherwise, Some extra charge of taxi will be charged.

Alternative Location; Mayu’s Kitchen & Co  in Kennedy Town, (available only week-day after 12 FEB 2020 )


Choose 1 main dish in the following. We will make the main dish and a dessert or a starter together.  Chef will suggest a starter & a dessert according to your main dish, children’s cooking skills, and available kitchen facilities of your home.

  1. Maki Sushi: 12 pieces per person:  including maki-roll, and inside-out-maki) No raw fish is served by hygiene considerations
  2. Udon soup with chicken & veggies (thick noodle in soup)
  3. Japanese curry and rice (We make 2 versions: Not spicy & sweet curry for kids & mildly spicy for adults)
  4. Okonomiyaki (Japanese street food savory pancake)
  5. Yakisoba or Yaki Udon:( classic Japanese stir fry noodles dish )
  6. Takoyaki : Japanese octopus ball, but we do NOT use octopus. Instead, we use cheese, shrimp, or DIY. Cook on the dining table by our Takoyaki machine.
  7. Gyoza-dumpling:  Kids can mix the filling and wrap Japanese ravioli.
  8. Tender & Juicy Teriyaki beef/Tofu hamburger: Kids can make this tender patties and assemble hamburger. Its kids favourite.

Price:  380HKD per child(<11yrs old), 720HKD per adultsushi cak


  • A Class will be held with more than 2 pairs (2 adults & 2 kids) of participants.
  • Adult must be parents or one of adult family members or the helper of the child
  • 1 pair can be extend 2 siblings with 1 adult. Please consider their safety and behavior during class and for other participates.
  • Including all ingredients for the cooking class , and lunch of what the participants make during class.  
  • Child or kid  means the person less than 11yrs old, &  the above 12yrs is considered as a adult

Booking:  BY APPOINTMENT:  Please write to EMAIL: with  4 following points. then we will discuss the menu with you & instruct you for the payment.

  1. Your full name & phone number
  2. preferable booking date(s)
  3. # of kids and adults.
  4. allergies and dietary restrictions, if any.   


  • After the payment & confirmation, we give you the full address of  Mayu’s Kitchen’s venue   **1st come 1st serve, 
  • Bookings can be made in order of priority & will become effective upon the settlement of tuition fee.
  • Payment is by check or direct payment (bank transfer) at least 3 days before the day of the class

Cancellation policy:

  • Reservation date can be rescheduled, if canceled more than 3 days prior to booking start date
  • If canceled less than 2 days prior to booking start date, a partial refund of 50% of the cost of the class or reservation date can be rescheduled in case the seat is available in next 2 days.
  • No cancellation notice, or If canceled less than 24 hours prior to booking start date, no refund is issued
  • T8 or above:  All of our service is cancelled/postponed.
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CANCELLED -Feb 2020 Helper- Japanese Cooking Class

As you will be aware, a number of measures have been announced in Hong Kong to prevent and minimise the spread of the novel Coronavirus. To reduce the risk of spread of the novel coronavirus, We must announce the cancellation of ths Feb 2020 Helper class. Arrangement for future events and refund will be advised in due course. Please check our website for other opening class, “Kids Class at your home” and the further updates.

Udon noole

NEW Schedule:  Feb 19, 26, Mar 4 & 11 (Every Wednesday)  2020.  
**NO class on Feb 5 & 12 due to HK school close**

Demand for cooking classes targeting domestic helpers is on the rise in Hong Kong. Handing cookbooks  or attending only 1 time demonstration lesson usually does not work.   Needless to say, nothing beats actual cooking classes – especially when an experienced professional shows & cook with your helper the right way.  Mayu’s Kitchen hands-on courses and workshops for domestic helper to teach them the basics, give them a solid foundation to improve their culinary skills.

Menu of Mayu’s Kitchen & Co’s Helper Course:

Mouth-watering Japanese mother’s recipes require basic technique and a lot of  vegetables. These healthy meal can be enjoyed at any time of the year, including festive time. Let’s cook for your families, friends, and both vegetable or meat-lovers. Please See the details below

About Mayu’s Kitchen & Co’s Helper Course:

  • Specializes in teaching Japanese & Asian home cuisine.
  • Including Japanese mother’s daily meal, festive, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes to widen their cooking repertoire.
  • Teaching  knowledge of key ingredients, seasonal vegetables and their benefits for health, and preparation & storage
  • Learning presentation on dishes to help great host of dinner parties for your family and friends.
  • Hand-on practice and recipe of  new dishes & presentation.
  • 2-3hours per day,  4-day course over 4 weeks ,  18 new dishes Japanese cuisine

NEW Schedule:  Feb 19, 26, Mar 4 & 11 (Every Wednesday)  2020.  
**NO class on Feb 5 & 12 due to HK school close.**

Timing: 10:30am-1pm  Hands-on 2-2:30hour session with the option to stay and eat, or take the food away. 

Venue: Happy Valley  (after registration, inform your detail address)

Fees: Package of HK$ 680 per class per helper ( 4-day course over 4 weeks ) Total is HK$ 2720  ( Single-shot 730 HKD per class per helper)

Booking: email  with

①Employer’s Full name & Phone number 

②Helper’s Full name & Phone number 

③Food allergies/limitation if any.   

After the payment & confirmation, we give you the full address of  Mayu’s Kitchen’s venu in Happy Valley.

Ochazuke & Homemade Dashi Cooking


Feb 19 – Lesson 1 :Japanese Winter Noodles and Dashi Broth

  • Vegetable &Shabu Shabu Japanese pork rolls & sesame sauce
  • Mushroom udon noodle with homemade dash broth
  • Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard)
  • Purin (Japanese caramel custard pudding)
  • Master of basic Japanese ingredient & condiments #1
  • Introducing varieties of Japanese noodles #1
  • Gluten free Japanese ingredients, how to find them

Feb 26- Lesson 2: Japanese Mum’s Weeknight Dinner (Pescatarian)

  • Miso ginger salmon & vegetables in foil
  • Soba & green veggies salad
  • Broccoli &soft egg & surimi-crab
  • Japanese KABOCHA pumpkin moist cake
  • Master of basic Japanese ingredient & condiments #2
  • Introducing varieties of Japanese noodles #2

Mar 4 -Lesson 3 :Japanese-Korean favorite (Vegetarian Choices)

  • Bibimbap (the ultimate mix rice bowl )
  • Spicy minced beef ( or tofu)
  • 3 varieties of namul : carrots, spinach, Bean sprouts, Salads, ,
  • Pajeon ( Korean vegetable savory pancake)
  • Quick & easy kimchi ( Korean style pickles vegetables)
  • Introduction of Korean basic ingredients and cuisine ( can bee Vegetarian, & not spicy or Mild)

Mar 11 -Lesson 4: Japanese Vegetarian’s cooking

  • Vegetarian ramen
  • Nitamago (Ramen egg)
  • Homemade ramen broth
  • Goma-Atsuage ( Fried Tofu & Sesame & sweet soy sauce)
  • Strawberry Mochi Cake


For the cooking courses paid,  there is no refund for missed classes.  In extenuating circumstances, at our sole discretion, we will allow for a makeup class.  Classes not held due to our fault, a 100% refund will be issued.  For those classes/courses in which a deposit is made, there is no refund but we will extend a credit to use at a later date (based on availability of a new date selected by you and confirmed by us).

T8 or above: All of our service is cancelled/postponed.

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