Feb/March Helper Japanese Cooking Class

Demand for cooking classes targeting domestic helpers is on the rise in HongKong. Handing cookbooks  or attnding only 1 time demonstraion lesson usually does not work.   Needless to say, nothing beats actual cooking classes – especially when an experienced professional shows & cook with your helper the right way.  Mayu’s Kitchen hands-on courses and workshops for domestic helper to teach them the basics, give them a solid foundation to improve their culinary skills.

Mayu’s Kitchen & Co’s Helper course is

  • Specializes in teaching  Japanese & French/Westerncuisine.
  • Including Festive, Organic, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free cuisine to widen their cooking repertoire.
  • Teaching  knowledge of key ingredients, seasonal vegetabes and their benefits for health, and preparation & storage
  • Learning presentation on dishes to help great host of dinner parties for your family and friends.
  • Hand-on practice and recipe of  new dishes & presentation.
  • 2-3hours per day,  4-day course over 4 weeks , +22 new dishes of  both Japanese & Western cuisines. 

March Cooking Class

Menu: Most Popular Japanese food, Sushi, Yakitori & Gyoza dumplings are included. Also, we do a lot of options of Vegetarian, Pescetarian, NO-raw fish dishes . These mouth-watering recipes put basic technique  and a lot of  Spring/Summer vegetables on coming festive food, but can also be enjoyed at any time of the year – March Cooking Class is every Tuesday, 2-3hours per day,  4-day course over 5 weeks , +20 new dishes of  both Japanese & western cuisines.

Schedule:  26 FEB, 12,19,26 MAR (  (Every Tuesday) 2019  ** NO class on 5 MAR

Timing: 10:30am-1pm Hands-on 2-2:30hour session with the option to stay and eat, or take the food away.
Venue: Happy Valley  (after registration, inform your detail address)
Fees: HK$ 2720  ( HK$ 680 per for 4-day course over 4 to 5 weeks )   

Booking: email contact@mayu-kitchen.com  with ①Employer’s Full name & Phone number  ②Helper’s Full name & Phone number  ③Food allergies/limitation if any.    After the payment & confirmation, we give you the full address of  Mayu’s Kitchen’s venu in Happy Valley.

Day 1: Japanese Cooking for vegetarian

  • Master of Basic Japanese ingredient & condiments.  (Varieties of Soy Sauce, Mirin, Dried Shiitake & etc  )
  • Gluten free Japanese ingredietns
  • REAL soy bean curd (Tofu) & Taste & Varieties
  • Vegetarian Gyoza-dumplings 
  • Mushroom Gyoza-dumpling, (dry Shiitake) 
  • Homemade  Gyoza-Sauce 
  • Negi-dare Tofu salad (Silky Tofu)
  • Atuage Cheese Steak  (Thick Deep fried Tofu))

**No class on 5 MAR

Day2  12 MAR: Party Appetizers Cooking

  • Varieties of Spring/Summer organic vegetables
  • Quiche,  Basic technique & Difference of pastries.
  • Mimosa (deviled)eggs
  • Colourful vegetarian finger sandwiches (minty pea, beets, curry-pumpkin, roasted pepper)
  • Bunny lemon cup cake

Day3  19 MAR  Japanese Sushi Cooking

  • Master of Basic Japanese ingredient & Condiments. (rice, vinegar, Soy sauce, Asian herbs & etc)
  • How to choose sashimi-quality fish
  • Gluten free Japanese ingredietns
  • Home made  Sushi rice &  sushi vinegar
  • Maki Sushi 2 ways  (normal+ inside -out rolls)
  • Temaki  (corn shape)
  • Sushi Cake ( No-roll sushi)

* Varieties of ingredients, eg, salmon, shiso, cucumber, avocado, eggs, shrimps, etc.  Options for  Vegetarian, Pesco-vegetarians/Pescetarian,  NO-raw fish.

Day 4; 26 MAR Asian Party Appetizers

  • Sweet and spicy Edamame
  • Yakitori,(chikin, meat, vegetables skewers)
  • Dip sauce with asian condiments(  miso, sesame, or  wasabi. etc) 
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes
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Milk fed Lamb 柔らか仔羊

Lamb is the seasonal specialty in spring.

フランスの春、旬の食材といえば色々ありますが イースターだけでなく、重宝されるのが仔羊(ラム)のお肉。

L’agneau est la spécialité saisonnière au printemps.

Do you know Milk-fed lamb?


Connaissez-vous l’agneau de lait?

Milk fed lamb: the meat from an unweaned lamb, typically 4–8 weeks old and weighing 5.5 to 8 kg; this is almost unavailable in USA or UK while it is popular in France, Greece, and Spain. Milk-fed lambs are especially prized for Easter in Greece, when they are roasted on a spit.

仔羊(ラム)とは – 1歳以下の羊の事。国によって区別の規定は違うけど “ベイビーラム” とは生後4から8週間で乳だけで育てた羊。 ついでにスプリングラムとは生後3か月から5か月で乳だけで育てた羊。

La viande d’agneau de lait est issue d’agneaux jeunes ou agnelets, nourris exclusivement de lait et abattus avant qu’ils ne soient sevrés, en général vers 90 jours (4 à 8 semaines).

The younger the lamb the less meat is available per lamb. But the meat is softer and less odor. Baby lamb is pale pink, normal lamb is pinkish red. It is cruel if i say “delicious” to a milk fed lamb who is just born. Well, I am sorry, it is delicious.


Plus l’agneau est jeune, moins la viande est disponible par agneau. Mais la viande est plus douce et moins odorante.  Agneau de lait est rose pâle, agneau normal est rouge rosé. C’est cruel si je dis “délicieux” à un agneau qui vient de naître. Alors,  je suis désolé, mais c’est délicieux




ラム : 生後12か月で永久門歯がない雄または雌の羊
ホゲット : 永久門歯が1から2本の雌または去勢された雄の羊
マトン : 永久門歯が2本より多い雌または去勢された雄の羊

ラム : 永久門歯が0本、生後12か月までの雌または去勢された雄。ニュージーランドでは、永久門歯が生えていても摩耗していなければラムとする。

ラム – 1歳以下の羊
ベイビーラム – 生後6から8週間で乳だけで育てた羊
スプリングラム – 生後3か月から5か月で乳だけで育てた羊
イヤリングラム – 生後12か月から24か月の羊




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