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Mayu’s Kitchen-Private Chef @ Your Home- Gift Table on special occasion

THE BEST WAY TO HAVE FUN @ HOME & SURPRISE YOUR GUEST — Have you ever experience of the joy of receiving a Priave Chef & personalized gourmet gift at home? Excellent idea for events of birthday, family & friends gathering, and community & corporate  events for ice-breaking, wine& sake tasting at your home & event space. 

Mayu’s Kitchen changes your kitchen to ‘restaurant’With diplomas of Le Cordon Bleu and Traditional Japanese Culinary Art <Cha-Kaiseki> , our  international career includes experiences in parties for ministries in France/Japan, and private parties for VIPs.  We cook wonderful French & Japanese gourmet meals, and creative fusion dishes. We will always use the best seasonal produce, and seek inspiration from French technique & Asian exotic spices to keep our menus up-to-date and exciting for our clients.


Private party at Gallery in PARIS

Information:  Menu is included:  2 tp 3 finger-foods, 1 to 2 starters,  1 main dish, & 1 dessert . If you plan to have big party(+12 people),  have allergies and special request, need my advice of Japanese sake/wine and pairing of the food,  please contact me for advice.

Cost: 720HKD – 1080HKD per person( minimum per occasion: 4500HKD, max 12 people* )

Plan: Chef comes to your home with ingredients about 1 to 2hrs before the meal time.

Services:  preparing & cooking & serving.   We appreciate your helpers to do some serving & cleaning before/after we use kitchen.  Total presence/work hour is about 4hrs.

1-DSCN3647Example  Menu 1)
2-3 Fingar foods : Gougère( savory choux ),canape of miso-ginger-pork,  canape of beets hummes
Startar 1 : Vichyssoise a la truffle
Startar 2 : marinated salmon,  grapefruits and dill
Main :  French Duck breast with spiced pineapple-say sauce
Dessert:  Matcha tiramisu

Example Menu 2)
Amuse-Bouche: 2-3 Fingar foods : Temari-sushi,  canape of japanese tarama,
Entrée: Radish salmon mille-feuille with yuzu lemon sauce
Main:  Roasted Salmon, sake-kasu,  sesame,  japanese negi-sauce.
Dessert 1:  Matcha-fondant
Dessert 2:  Ichigo  Daifuku
Dessert 3:  Chocolate tart

We can fit all types of events, from fancy gastronomy to traditional and cozy meals (buffet style, canappe). If you would like to organize special dinners and parties for your friends and family, your house can become a private restaurant with ‘Mayu’s’ chefs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


TEL: +852 5248 0788 ( HongKong)











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