Our Private Chef Service

~Mayu’s Kitchen-Private Chef~

THE BEST WAY TO HAVE FUN @ HOME & SURPRISE YOUR GUEST — Have you ever experience of the joy of receiving a Priave Chef & personalized gourmet gift at home?    It’a Excellent idea for birthday, family & friends gathering, wine& sake tasting at your home & event space. Mayu’s Kitchen & Co. offers a range of bespoke menus & services, tailored to your specific needs.

Mayu’s Kitchen changes your kitchen to ‘restaurant’.  With diplomas of Le Cordon Bleu and Traditional Japanese Culinary Art <Cha-Kaiseki> , our  international career includes experiences in parties for ministries in France/Japan, and private parties for VIPs.  We will always cook with the best seasonal produce, and seek inspiration from French technique & Asian exotic spices to keep our menus up-to-date and exciting for our clients.

Private party at Gallery in PARIS

Course Menu:  6 to 7 dishes in total  ( 2to 3 Chef’s Selection of Canapés/snacks+4 courses  (All guests must have same menu))

Buffet Menu:  6 to 9 dishes in total  ( Assembles of Canapés/snacks, Vegetable dish, Fish/Meat dish, Dessert) (All guests must have same menu))

Cost: 750HKD – 1200HKD per person( Minimum order value is 5000HKD )

Plan: Chef comes to your home with ingredients about 1 to 2hrs before the meal time.

Services:  preparing & cooking & serving.   We appreciate your helpers to do some serving & cleaning before/after we use kitchen.  Total presence/work hour is about 4 to 5hrs.

Mayu’s Kitchen & Co. can fit all types of events, from fancy gastronomy to your cozy meals.   Get in touch, tell your requirements and choose a bespoke menu, or develop one in collaboration with our chef, and experience private dining in your favourite way.

Terms & Conditions
  • Minimum order value: is $5000 per occasion.
  • Order cut off time: 7 days before the actual event.
  • Ordering and payment: 50% deposit is required upon confirmation to secure availability of chosen time and date. ( The payment must be done minimum 7 days before actual event is the must).  The remaining balance is due, cleared in our bank account, 3  full working days before the event date to cover preparation of ingredients. Failure to make these payments on time may affect our ability to provide the service/food advertised. In event of late payment, we shall do our best for you but we reserve the right to make changes to your menu without notice.
  • Other charges: $150-per-flight stair charge for carrying of food and equipment to any venue without elevator access. Please inform us if there are stairs or other delivery challenges so we can arrange the appropriate manpower
  • If parking is not available at the venue please inform us before the event, parking charges may be applicable in this instance.
  • Payment by bank or ATM transfer is free,  however,  currently NOT  available via credit card.
  • Equipment & Staff:   If you require china serving platters / plates or drinks packages please inquire for a quotation.  Extra cost may charge.
  • Other terms: Substitutions may be available upon request. We reserve the right to make substitutions to menu items without notice, based on seasonal availability. Any change of date within 3 days of the event will result in incurred additional 1000 HKD, as the ingredients (especially fresh food) already arranged will be in vain.    Also, depending on the amount of perishable food already prepared and extra cost incurred up to 100%.
  • Please ensure that you provide a contact name and number of the person who will be at the event address to allow access for the chef.
  • Please note the contact person will need to be available between 90- 120 minutes before the start of the event, exact arrival time to be confirmed before the event start date.
  • Cancellation: any total cancellation will result in forfeit of amounts already paid, or amounts that have become due as per the payment schedule above




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