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Japanese HOMEFOOD  Courses :  海外でおもてなし和食

Cooking Japanese  homefood is simple & delicious, if you learn basic keys of a typical Japanese meal&diet. Here is the lessons of introduction Japanese home cooking with Japanese ingredients.  How to make rice for sushi?  What is Mirin?  What is Dashi soup?  Red/White/Kome Miso?  With the foundation,  healthy Japanese food can be cooked easily, like Japanese mums do.  Let’s join Mayu’s Kitchen!  We offer  HomeFood cooking course. The courses are held in English, and you’ll find all of cooking tips, shortcuts, and the helpful information that you need to get started!

Japanese home food cooking  –  in ENGLISH 

Cooking Courses:  You will learn..

  • How to prepare “Basics” –eg  Japanese rice ( Gohan ) / Dashi soup (Miso soup or other soup)
  • Cooking  technique & preparation for  Japanese dishes
  • Presentation on Japanese dishes
  • How to use chopsticks and Japanese “polite” manners  on table
  • Tasting

Tasting:  2 or 3  dishes making  in the class (+Soup + Japanese Rice)

Location: Mayu’s Kitchen in Kennedy Town in HK,  or Your Home  

Time: Weekday (Mon-Fri)  Start 11h-14h   course duration:  3h ( cooking + tasting time)   ** If you organize group lesson at  your place, the schedule can be flexible, please contact at mayu’s kitchen.

Prices:  800HKD per person  *  The host/hostess (for  +4 guests at their home )is 50% off)

Participants:   Minimum 2 to Maximum 10 people

How to book:  Please contact for Booking &  information -EMAIL:  contact@mayu-kitchen.com

  • Bookings can be made in order of priority & will become effective upon the settlement.
  • Payment is by check or direct payment (bank transfer) at least 48 hours before the day of the course.
  • Cancellation: Up to 3 days prior to class: full refund
  •  No refund from the 2 day before & the same day and beyond.

Seasonal Cooking —Here is the lessons of  real japanese homefood. How japnanese eat, and what is japanese family’s favourite?   Japanese food is very much associated with season and seasonal events.   Every month & depending  on clients preference (allergies, etc)  – the menu is adjustable , Please ask.

Spring Menu example:

  • CHIRASHI SUSHI with Salmon Rose flower & Kinshi-Tamago ( Thinly sliced Egg crepe)
  • Clear soup  or Miso soup with Wakame & Green onion.
  • I show you how to make japanese Sushi rice & how to decorate with Salmon, Egg, and other ingredient.  Also, we make  clear soup or Miso soup together/
  • 1 side dish and dessert are also served during lunch.


For booking and more information -EMAIL:  contact@mayu-kitchen.com


Mayu’s Kitchen — Private&Personal Chef, Catering

EMAIL:  contact@mayu-kitchen.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.








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