Cooking Courses

Cooking Courses (for English speaker)

Mayu’s Kitchen & Co., one of the most popular cooking workshops in Paris, started to offer the best food-culture classes in Asia.   Chef  Mayu, has been trained  in  Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Traditional Japanese Culinary Art <Yanagihara :Kinsa-Ryu> and worked for French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and  international VIP clients as private chef.  She will be happy to assist you into the fun authentic world of French  & Japanese cooking including the starters, main courses, desserts, etc…

Cooking Courses  including FRENCH, JAPANESE,  KIDS

Amazing chef’s tips  & New ways of  healthy & delicious cooking
Simple & easy recipes &  beautiful culinary art presentation
Classic, modern, authentic, & grand-mothers’ family heritage recipes from France & Japan
World best ingredients,  true food, seasonal, organic,  & natural products
Courses in English (or Japanese),  small group, and easy for beginners
Excellent curriculum for cooking course (basic, intermediate & advance) or  Gourmet Cooking Workshop
Open to everyone and designed to learn food intelligence with great fun!

FRENCH Cooking

French cooking & meal are  NOT just for fine dining experience.  You can enjoy EVERYDAY as your quick healthy meal to  weekend party menu.   You know the BEST seller book called “French  Women Don’t Get Fat  : The Secret of Eating for Pleasure”.  Actually, it is true!  Learn simple & delicious Mayu’s Kitchen & Co’s recipes and the method of  “food intelligence”.   On top of Chef’s tip, you will learn how to transform the ingredients to mouth-watering dishes with Michelin star restaurants’ beautiful presentation.  For long-term courses, you will master basic to advanced culinary techniques, knowledge of health benefit & food science that can apply to any style of cuisine.  Explore classic French culinary art, global approach to cuisines,  current trends of “food intelligence”.   Detail.


Cooking Japanese homefood is simple & delicious, if you learn basic keys of a typical Japanese meal&diet. Here is the lessons of introduction Japanese home cooking with Japanese ingredients. Details


Cooking with KIDS

Your kids love cooking?    Sushi &  Kid’s favorite food lesson  for their surprising birthday party?  Mayu’s kitchen & Co. offers special fun cooking workshops at YOUR HOME for both of adults and kids as well.  Details

Kids & PAPA Cooking

Kids & PAPA Cooking


  • Bookings can be made in order of priority & will become effective upon the settlement of tuition fee.
  • Payment is by check or direct payment (bank transfer) at least 3 days before the day of the class

Cancellation policy:

  • Reservation date can be rescheduled, if canceled more than 3 days prior to booking start date
  • If canceled less than 2 days prior to booking start date, a partial refund of 50% of the cost of the class or reservation date can be rescheduled in case the seat is available in next 2 days.
  • No cancellation notice, or If canceled less than 24 hours prior to booking start date, no refund is issued
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