November Helper-French-Japanese Cooking Class

Demand for cooking classes targeting domestic helpers is on the rise in HongKong. Handing cookbooks  or attnding only 1 time demonstraion lesson usually does not work.   Needless to say, nothing beats actual cooking classes – especially when an experienced professional shows & cook with your helper the right way.  Mayu’s Kitchen hands-on courses and workshops for domestic helper to teach them the basics, give them a solid foundation to improve their culinary skills.

Mayu’s Kitchen & Co’s Helper course is

  • Specializes in teaching French & Japanese cuisine.
  • Including Festive, Organic, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free cuisine to widen their cooking repertoire.
  • Teaching  knowledge of key ingredients, seasonal vegetabes and their benefits for health, and preparation & storage
  • Learning presentation on dishes to help great host of dinner parties for your family and friends.
  • Hand-on practice and recipe of  new dishes & presentation.
  • 2-3hours per day,  4-day course over 4 weeks ,  15 new dishes of  both Japanese & French  cuisines. 

November Cooking Class

Menu: These mouth-watering recipes put basic tecnique  and a lot of  automn vegetables on coming festive food,  but can also be enjoyed at any time of the year – whether you are cooking for vegetarians or meat-eaters.  November Cooking Class is every Tuesday, 2-3hours per day,  4-day course over 4 weeks ,  15 new dishes of  both Japanese & French  cuisines.

Schedule:  6,13,20,27  (Every Tuedsay)  November 2018.  *UPDATE 2 spaces on 20 & 27 are open due to last-min absense.
Timing: 10:30am-1pm Hands-on 2-2:30hour session with the option to stay and eat, or take the food away.
Venue: Happy Valley  (after registration, inform your detail address)
Fees: HK$ 2720  (  4-day course over 4 weeks ) *UPDATE   680HKD per class per helper.
Booking: email  with ①Employer’s Full name & Phone number  ②Helper’s Full name & Phone number  ③Food allergies/limitation if any.    After the payment & confirmation, we give you the full address of  Mayu’s Kitchen’s venu in Happy Valley.

Nov6  Day1  Japanese Cooking (Full)
Master of Basic Japanese ingredient (Varieties of Soy Sauce, Sake  Mirin )
Homemade Teriyaki sauce,  sauté white fish and vegetable
How to make japanese fluffy sticky rice
Fluffy egg & Scallions Japanse clear soup ( Basic of Japanese soup stock)
Suno-mono: Japanese Sweet vinegar -vegetable  julienne salad

Nov 13 Day2  French Cooking (Full)
Chicken and mushroom sauce ( how to wash mushroom & onion)
Herb aromatic rice
Orange and Carrot rapes ( how to cut carrot julienne, segments oranges)
Non butter apple cinnamon cake

Nov 20 Day3  Japanese Cooking  ( (2 spaces due to  2 absence))
Master of Basic Japanese ingredient (Difference of  Miso, Mirin. Cooking wine )
Oyako-don ( Soft Creamy egg and chicken)
How to make japanese fluffy sticky rice
Kimpira Lotus
Creamy Sesame sauce with vegetables
Basic of Miso Soup

Nov 27 Day4  French Cooking  (2 spaces due to  2 absence)
Vegetalien tarts with caramelized onion. (how to slice and easy caramelized onion )
Canappe with caramelized onion. (arrengement of caramelized onion )
Spiced pumpkin soup
Homemade Fruits compot & jelly  (How to use  the fruite compot syrup)


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