Cabbage Namul レンジチン!激うまキャベツのナムル

Cabbage Namul キャベツのナムル


これがそのレシピ: レンジでチン!激うまキャベツナムル

I met my recipe on the well-known Japanese recipe site, called COOKPAD.  For only 3 days. 1000 people access to my recipe.  It is 5 min recipe of Cabbage Namul , the SUPER simple, easy, but surprisingly delicious vegetable dish.   Well, I do uses NO pot, NO gas.  The main kitchen took is Microwave!

Namel is usually using cold boiled soybean sprouts with sesame oil, spring onions, garlic and sesame seeds.  I used CABBAGE, simply because it has been sitting my my fridge for a while…

Namul est un terme générique en coréen pour définir des plats d’accompagnements (banchan), faits de végétaux assaisonnés. Le nom du plat peut légèrement varier en fonction de l’utilisation et de la préparation des différents végétaux, mais ils resteront une sorte de namul.


Cabbage キャベツ  1/4cut – slice or cut into 2 cm slice
DASHI-powder  *Soup stock ほんだし(顆粒)    1/4tea spoon
Sesame Oil  ごま油   1Table spoon
Sesame ごま   1Table spoon.  (roasted Sesame is better)
Salt and Pepper  — for your taste. 塩胡椒 少々
Minced Garlic.   — for your taste. にんにく(すりおろし)少々
Courgette, or Carrot  —  Optional  ズッキーニ、ニンジン


2 ) ①がしなっとなっていたら、ボールに入れ、残りすべての材料をいれて混ぜ、味を整える。超簡単!皿はすごく熱いので注意!


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