5 types of Pie Pastry -quiche


パイ生地種類のまとめ  for  Perfect & Foolproof Quiche

5 types of pie pasty

  • Short crust pastry (pâte brisée) no sugar, perfect for savory dishes. It is the simplest and most common pastry. It is made with flour, fat, butter, salt, and water to bind the dough. This is used mainly in tarts. It is also the pastry that is used most often in making a quiche. (as in crumbly; hence the term shortcrust), tender pastry.
  • Sweet crust pastry (pâte sucrée,) in which sugar and egg yolks have been added (rather than water) to bind the short crust pastry
  • Sable pastry (pâte sablée) This crust is known as a sweet cookie crust or a shortbread crust. Itis similar of Sweet crust pastry pâte sucrée. But to make a pâte sablée, wet ingredients are creamed together before adding the dry ingredients. Therefore, the texture become sable cookies, “ sandy”,
  • Flaky pastry is a for Americans recipes, (not in French recipe), it expands when cooked due to the number of layers. It bakes into a crisp, buttery pastry.
  • Puff pastry(pâte feuilletée) .Regarded as the ultimate professional pastry, this type is time-consuming but worth making. It is used for savoury pie crusts and as wrapping for meat and poultry, as well as vol-au-vents, cream horns and mille feuilles. Puff pastries come out of the oven light, flaky, and tender.

参照: Wiki Shortcrust pastry, sweetcrust pastry, (Pate Sucree)

pâte sucrée (difference from Pate sucree) par le fait que le beurre est incorporé à la préparation par sablage et non par crémage, c’est-à-dire qu’il est mélangé à froid avec la farine et le sucre. Le beurre entoure ainsi chaque grain de farine et de sucre, ce qui fait qu’après la cuisson les grains ne sont pas totalement solidaires, ce qui donne la texture sablée.Les œufs sont ajoutés avant incorporation de la farine.  Flaky pastry

Puff pastry pâte feuilletée
Choux pastry 
Phyllo (Filo)
Hot water crust pastry

Shortcrust Pastry

This is probably the most versatile type of pastry as it can be used for savoury and sweet pies, tarts and flans. There are several different ways of making shortcrust pastry. (See ‘How to Make Perfect Shortcrust Pastry.’)

Puff Pastry

This is one of the ‘flaked pastries’ characterised by fat and air being trapped between the layers of the pastry dough to give a flimsy, light and crisp finish.

Regarded as the ultimate professional pastry, this type is time-consuming but worth making. It is used for savoury pie crusts and as wrapping for meat and poultry, as well as vol-au-vents, cream horns and mille feuilles (small iced cakes that are filled with jam and cream.)

Flaky Pastry

Used as a crust for savoury pies, sausage rolls, Eccles cakes and jam puffs, flaky pastry is best made in cool conditions and must be chilled during and after making, to prevent the fat content from melting out under cooking conditions.

Rough Puff Pastry

This type is a cross between puff and flaky pastry. It is also good for sausage rolls, savoury pie crusts and tarts and has the advantage of being easier to make than puff pastry, but is as light as flaky pastry.

All three of these flaked pastries need similar care.

  • Handle as little and as lightly as possible
  • Fat and dough content should be of the same consistency and temperature
  • Roll pastry evenly without stretching it or forcing out air
  • Brush with beaten egg glaze before baking


Flaky pastry, also known as blitz pastry or rough puff, is a light and flaky unleavened pastry that is similar to, but distinct from, puff pastry. Flaky pastry relies on large lumps of shortening (approximately 1 in or 2.5 cm across) mixed into the dough, as opposed to the large rectangle of shortening in puff pastry.

Choux Pastry

This incredibly light speciality pastry is used in the making of éclairs, profiteroles and cream buns. Air lifts the pastry during cooking to treble in size…all those cream-filled delights.

Filo Pastry

This type of pastry (along with finely shredded kadafi pastry, also from the Mediterranean) is made in very thin sheets and used as a casing for numerous delicate savoury and sweet dishes. Made with high gluten content flour, filo is very difficult to make and needs careful handling because it is such a thin, fragile pastry that dries out quickly. Some people prefer to buy readymade filo pastry, but even that is not easy to use. It must be brushed with oil or melted butter/ghee before shaping and cooking. Samosas are deep-fried with spicy fillings, wrapped in filo pastry, and prawns in filo pastry make popular savoury nibbles. This type is similar to strudel pastry.

Suet Crust Pastry

A traditional, British, pastry used for steamed or boiled puddings, dumplings and roly-poly puddings. Steak and kidney pudding is famously made with suet crust pastry as is spotted dick and treacle pudding.

Made with self-raising flour, shredded suet and for some lighter recipes, fresh white breadcrumbs, suet crust pastry should have a light spongy texture-it is very filling though!

Hot Water Crust Pastry

Moulded by hand while warm and used for raised meat and game pies (like the famous Melton Mowbray Pork Pies) hot water crust pastry is a rich and crisp speciality. Plain flour, salt, egg yolk and lard boiled up with water are the ingredients which, once mixed, kneaded, shaped and rested, can be used to line a hinged tin pie mould, or moulded over a large floured jam jar. Once set, the dough is filled, covered, sealed and decorated before being baked.

Pate Sucree Pastry

As the name suggests, this pastry is French. It is a sweet pastry that incorporates sugar and egg yolks for a rich, sweet result. Usually baked blind, it gives a thin, crisp pastry that melts in the mouth.

These are a few of the basic pastry types. Making pastry is not difficult and with attention to a few important details like:

  • correct fat to flour ratio-roughly half as much fat to flour
  • add water carefully and slowly, preferably from the fridge
  • handle pastry as little as possible
  • avoid over-flouring the rolling pin and board
  • always preheat the oven to the recommended temperature

you will be making pies, puddings and parcels with confidence.



How To Make a Foolproof Quiche

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HK Egg Tart Hunter Report 2: BEST Puff egg tarts パイ生地の香港エッグタルト

HK Egg Tart Hunter Report 2:  Puff Flaky egg tart  アメリカンパイ生地のエッグタルト


I have kept tasting more and more egg tarts [dahn tart ( 蛋撻)] last months. As we know, HK & Macau egg tarts are different. But, there are  also 2 different types of tarts in HK.  One is  American flaky puff (酥皮)crust, and the other is  cookies/sable (牛油)crust.

  1. Flaky Puff egg tart[so pey dahn tart ( 酥皮蛋撻)], which boast 144 layers. : American flaky pastry dough (not French puff pastry “pâté feuilletée”). it is flaky-yet-tender, buttery & not sweet. It is often used in local, traditional, independent, small bakeries

  2. Butter Cookies egg tart[ngau yau pey dahn tart( 牛油皮蛋撻)]:  Cookies (sable/biscots) style crust, it is firm, crumbly & slightly sweet.  It is usually made in the larger chain bakeries, and fancier & modern bakeries/pastry shops.

この1ヶ月、ひたすら香港名物のエッグタルト [dahn tart ( 蛋撻)] を食べてみました。マカオと香港のエッグタルトは違うのは有名ですが、香港内でも基本的に分けて2種類のエッグタルトがあることを発見!違いは周りのタルト生地 <アメリカンパイ生地(酥皮)とクッキー生地(牛油)>です。

  1. 酥皮蛋(Puff egg tart): バターやショートニングを折り込ん作る,全く甘さのない、ほろほろと崩れるようなアメリカンパイ生地のエッグタルト。(マカオスタイルの生地によく似ています
  2. 牛油(Butter-Cookies egg tart): バターを練り混ぜで作る甘さ控えめのサクサクのクッキー生地。いわゆるデザート系”タルト”の生地。


J’ai continué à goûter de plus en plus de tartes aux œufs  [dahn tart ( 蛋撻)] ces derniers mois. Comme nous le savons, les tartes aux oeufs de Hong Kong et de Macao sont différentes. Mais, il ya aussi 2 différents types de tartes dans HK.  L’une est la croûte de pâte feuilletée americane (酥皮), et l’autre est la croûte de biscuits (牛油).

  1. Flaky Tarte aux oeufs [so pey dahn tart ( 酥皮蛋撻)]: pâte feuilletée américaine (pas de pâte feuilletée française). Il est floconneuse-encore-tendre, beurre et pas sucré. Il est souvent utilisé dans les petites boulangeries locales, traditionnelles, indépendantes
  2. Butter-Cookies tarte aux œufs [ngau yau pey dahn tart( 牛油皮蛋撻)]: biscuits (sable) croute de style, il est ferme, friable et légèrement sucré. Il est généralement fait dans la grande chaîne de boulangeries, et plus chic et moderne boulangeries / pâtisseries.


In my Report 2,  I will focus on BEST of Flaky Egg Tarts  [so pey dahn tart ( 酥皮蛋撻)], 

今日のレポートNO2では とっても美味しいほろほろのアメリカンパイ生地、[so pey dahn tart ( 酥皮蛋撻)]のタルトをご紹介します。 6店に絞るの難しかったわ〜

Dans mon rapport 2, je me concentre sur la meilleure tarte aux oeufs floconneuse, pâte feuilletée américaine[so pey dahn tart ( 酥皮蛋撻)]

快樂餅店 Happy Cake Shop
G/F, No. 106 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai 灣仔皇后大道東106號地下

The egg tart of Happy Cake Shop” is the really crispy  & flaky American puff pastry (nothing like cookies texture or  French millefeuille ).   The custard filling is bright yellow,  less creamy & less sugary.  I don’t taste  much cream -fat in the custard.  So, it is the lightest egg tart that I have ever tried in my hunting history. Easy to eat,  My favourite, so far.  But, if you like American cake,  you may feel that their tart is not enough sweet.


La tarte aux oeufs de Happy Cake Shop “est la pâte feuilletée américaine  croustillante (rien comme la texture des biscuits ou le mille-feuille français) .La garniture est jaune vif, moins crémeux  et moins sucré. Je ne goûte pas beaucoup de lait riche.  C’est  la plus légère dans mon histoire de chasse.  En fait c’est mon préféré.  Mais, si vous aimez le gâteau américain, vous sentiz que la tarte n’est pas assez sucré.


凱施餅店 Hoixe Cake Shop
G/F, 108 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
& a lot of branches eveywhere in HK & Kowloon

Hoixe’s is large chaine cake shop. So, their egg tart is similar to the famous bakery: 泰昌餅家(Tai Cheong Bakery) . The crust is  soft fragile flaky pastry.  The egg filling is toward to European pastry cream (French: crème pâtissière), in other words, it is  sweeter, milkier, and creamier than  local small-shop’s egg tarts (like Happy Cake Shop 快樂餅店)  The good thing about  Hoixe’s tart is always freshly baked.  The shop assistant will take the tart out from the mould, and put in the paper case. If unexperienced customer touch it, the tart my be broken into pieces, because of very soft custard and fragile flaky pastry.


Hoixe est une grande chaine. Ainsi, leur tarte aux oeufs est semblable à la boulangerie célèbre: 泰昌餅家 ( Tai Cheong Cake shop). La croûte est une pâte feuilletée molle et fragile.   La garniture est vers la crème pâtissière européenne (crème pâtissière).  En d’autres termes, il est plus sucré, plus laitier, et plus crémeux que les tartes aux œufs de la petite boutique locale (comme Happy Cake Shop 快樂餅店). La bonne chose à propos de la tarte Hoixe est toujours fraîchement cuit au four. La vendeuse va prendre la tarte du moule, et de mettre dans le cas du papier. Si le client inexpérimenté le touche, la tarte mon être cassé en morceaux, à cause de la crème très molle et la pâte feuilletée fragile.


檀島珈琲餅店 Honolulu Coffee Shop
G/F & Mezz Floor, 176-178 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai
Tel.: 2575 1823

Known for its extra layers of very flaky pastry, Honolulu Coffe shop’s egg tart is their top specialty among other breads.  The  flaky pastry is folded many times and left in the fridge overnight, like the same way to make french French millefeuille. The filling is  wobbly aromatic eggy fillings, not too milky.   Still handmade and excellent egg tart.


Connu pour ses pâte feuilletée avec les couches supplémentaires , la tarte aux œufs de Honolulu Coffe shop est leur TOP spécialité parmi les autres pains. La pâte feuilletée est pliée plusieurs fois et laissée au frigo pendant la nuit, comme la pâte de mille-feuille française. La garniture est tremblant et crémeux, mais pas trop laiteux. Toujours  il fait à la main et une excellente tarte aux œufs.


櫻島麵包餅店 Sakurashima Bakery
G/F, 7 Garden Street, MongKok, 旺角花園街7號地下 
Shop B, G/F, 55 Wanchai Road, Wan Chai  灣仔灣仔道55號B地下
Everyday 6:45am – 9.00pm  Tel: +852 – 2782 2817

Sakurashima Bakery have both. puff egg tart, & butter-cookies egg tart . Regarding  the flaky crust,  it is too thick, compared with little amount of  the egg custard. It is not made by professional pasty-chef, but, somehow hearty,  well done as “street food”.

櫻島麵包餅店は エッグタルト・ハンターの欲しいものがわかってる!パイ生地もクッキー生地も両方取り揃えたフレンドリーパン屋さん。パン屋さんなので、専門のケーキ職人はいないと見えて、その辺のおばちゃんが作ったタルトみたいです。分厚い皮が空焼きで焦げてたり、焼きたらなかったり、カスタードが割れたりはみ出たり。。。でも憎めない。だって懐には優しいストリートフードだもの。

Sakurashima Bakery fait les deux, la tarte aux oeufs a la pâte feuilletée américaineau et au cookie.  . En ce qui concerne la croûte de la pâte feuilletée,  c’est trop épais, comparé à peu de la crème d’oeuf. Il n’est pas fabriqué par un pâtissier professionnel, mais, d’une certaine manière, copieux et bien fait comme «street food».


金鳳茶餐廳(Kam Fung Restaurant)
41 Spring Garden Lane, Wanchai 灣仔春園街41號地下
Everyday 7:00-19:00 定休日:年中無休
アクセス: MTR湾仔駅下車。出口A3より荘士敦道を右に行き、春園街へ入り100mほど。<Kam Fung Restaurant>  The custard  is mildly sweeten &  not so creamy, but it is smooth, fragile, melting,   like very soft  wobby “Chawan-mushi” when it has just come out  from oven.   The crust is flaky, thick, but  very fragile. And one of my  favourite egg tart.

<金鳳茶餐廳(Kam Fung Restaurant)>ここのエッグタルト(蚤撻)は、甘さ控えめ。中身はできたて茶碗蒸しのように、フルフル&トロッっとろ〜。焼きたてを出してくれるので、さらにやわらか。パイ部分は結構厚めですが、中身がやわらかなので、ほろほろと崩れそうです。2〜3口で食べきって。 B級グルメで有名な店ですが、このエッグタルトだけは繊細であ〜美味しい!!

<Kam Fung Restaurant> La garniture est légèrement sucrée et pas trop crémeuse, mais elle est lisse, fragile, très fondante, comme très tendre, tremblante “Chawan-mushi” quand elle vient de sortir du four. La croûte est très friable, épaisse, mais très fragile. Et une de mes préférées tarte aux œufs.


 百事吉餅店 Pak See Kut Cake Shop

G/F, 67 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai   灣仔灣仔道67號地下
G/F., 15 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai 灣仔石水渠街15號地舖
Mon-Sun: 07:30-20:30

Though this cake shop is located in Wanchai (not far from Central)  their egg tarts and all breads are the cheapest among other bakeries in neighbors. The egg tart & pineapple bun cost only 3eur.  Usually, they sell 2 or 3 types of egg tarts, including “cheese tart”.  The  popular one is  flaky pastry egg tart. The custard is  bright yellow, wobby, and perhaps, artificial vanilla flavored. Always full of customers  in the shop.  The king of street food,  “cheap and yummy” is key to attract customers.

Bien que ce gâteau magasin est situé à Wanchai (pas loin de Central) leurs tartes aux oeufs et tous les pains sont les moins chers entre autres boulangeries dans les voisins. La tarte aux oeufs et le pain d’ananas coûtent seulement 3eur. Ils vendent 2 ou 3 types de tartes aux oeuf (inclu. “tarte au fromage”. Le tart aux oeuf plus populaire est la pâte feuilletée. La garniture est jaune vif, wobby, et peut-être,aromatisée avec vanille artificielle. Toujours plein de clients dans le magasin. Le roi de la “Street Food”, “bon marché et délicieux” est la clé pour attirer les clients.

Hunting will continue… and  Report 3 is BEST cookie-egg tart.


La chasse continuera … et le Rapport 3 est la meilleure tarte aux oeufs avec la cookies.


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