Food Consultation & Recipe Production

“I thought this menu is great hit!  but it turned out to be  not popular at all.
” Wha is the best-selling recipe using our  products for overseas expansion and lead to promotion”
“we move 1st step to overseas markets, What is best unique  recipe with vivid image of  characteristics of our region”
“I’d like to hold a cultural cooking event with  child and parents”

Please ask us if you are facing problems with cooking, recipes, overseas -food/bevarage sales.
We will provide not only development of recipes and menu, but also as a food consultant, plan proposal, advice on foreign/japanese markets, food styling, cooking shoot, etc.   Our delicated service will  meet and exceed of your needs exactly

 “Recipe production” 

Business procedure:

(1) Request

Please contact us for more information from the inquiry form.
We will reply from our company between 2 and 3 days.

(2) Estimate creation

We will make an estimate based on the contents you requested.
Please let us know in advance if there are budget, desired delivery date etc.

(3) meeting

We will discuss recipes and projects & details on meeting We will adjust content, & schedule.

(4) Contract

If you confirm the quotation contents · amount · schedule, we sign and make a contract formally.   Deposit( 50%)  is necessary at this stage.

(5) Recipe proposal & decision

We will start create a recipe and propose the draft recipe

(6) Recipe creation, shooting

Finalize the recipe creation. And/or we will arrange the shooting with photographers  and stylists.

(7) Delivery

We will deliver recipe text, and/or the shot data

(8) Sales promotion tool (Optional)

We will be able to create promotional tools suitable for your needs such as leaflets, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, business cards, cards, menu tables, signs, webs  using delivery data.

Price : Recipe production

Approximate expenses (this is a rough estimate, details will be estimated, based on meetings)

Recipe development
We will make a recipe according to your request. Unit price changes according to the number of requests, contents, material cost. (Excluding shooting fee)

  • 1 to 5 products @ 5500 HKD / 1 item
  • 6 to 10 products @ 4900 HKD / 1 item
  • 10 ~ 15 products @ 4500 HKD / 1 item
  • 16 items ~ @ 4100 HKD / 1 item

Practice / training of your staff  fee :  10,000 HKD / 1 day

Camera shooting:
Shoot the finished product with a professonal photographer
Shooting cost: minimum 10,000 HKD / 1 day
* Additional fee: Stylist, video production, shooting content · number of recipes


<Menu creation>
Business procedure:
Free consultation with the person in charge (Telephone consultation in the distant place) → Quotation → Contract → menu proposal → confirmation → practical training

Fee minimum 6500 HKD / (excluding recipe and practice fee)
Practice / training fee minimum 12,000 HKD / 1 day

<1 month support package >  (half year to 1 year contract: including consultant fee)
Business procedure:
Your current food/menu offering when our staff visit → evaluation → Analysis of  customer’s reputation and correct it to a more complete dish (if necessary, our staff goes into the kitchen for cooking together) → summarizes the work content. Submit a report containing issues & solutions.
Fee 9500 HKD / 1 month ,  2 visits / 1 month (transportation fee / accommodation expenses for those far away)


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