Kids friendly Japanese Cooking Class @ YOUR HOME

The suspension of schools is extended & many kids events are cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak. If you need to entertain your kids & friends, Mayu’s Kitchen & Co. offers a great deal of workshop for kids friendly Japanese cooking.  Workshop @ your home will be held with more than 2 pairs of “kid &adult (his/her parent or helper)” at your home.  We will bring all ingredients to your kitchen! 

Kids & Family Cooking Class

As a fun activity during weekend, school holidays, or a surprising birthday present for your kids, Mayu’s kitchen offers several level of  KIDS -LOVE -JAPANESE cooking  lessons for your kids and adults.  Kids can share their wonderful lunch with their friends and families.





Time:  Mon-Sun: 2 hours workshop, between 10am to 6pm, such as 3 to 5pm. (Flexible on 2hrs workshop. Incl. cooking & meals)

Location: At your home or the room/club house with kitchen facility
*Return HK Taxi transportation fees will be charged from Mayu’s Kitchen @ Kennedy Town to your place. *Must be in HongKong island or Kowloon

Alternative Location; Mayu’s Kitchen & Co  in Kennedy Town (only weekdays, from 10am to 6pm)

Price:  400HKD per child(<10yrs old), 800HKD per adult

Menu: Choose 1 main dish in the following. We will make the main dish and a dessert or a starter together.  Your children’s cooking skills and availability of your kitchen facilities are 2 major factors of choosing what we cook, so please give us information. *All ingredients for cooking workshop will be provided.

  1. Maki Sushi: 12 pieces per person:  including maki-roll, and inside-out-maki) No raw fish is served by hygiene considerations
  2. Udon soup with chicken & veggies (thick noodle in soup)
  3. Japanese curry and rice (We make 2 versions: Not spicy & sweet curry for kids & mildly spicy for adults)
  4. Okonomiyaki (Japanese street food savory pancake)
  5. Yakisoba or Yaki Udon:( classic Japanese stir fry noodles dish )
  6. Takoyaki : Japanese octopus ball, but we do NOT use octopus. Instead, we use cheese, shrimp, or DIY. Cook on the dining table by our Takoyaki machine.
  7. Gyoza-dumpling:  Kids can mix the filling and wrap Japanese ravioli.
  8. Tender & Juicy Teriyaki beef/Tofu hamburger: Kids can make this tender patties and assemble hamburger. Its kids favourite.


  • A class will be held with more than 3 pairs (=3adults & 3 kids) of participants or the minimum payment of 3600HKD per class
  • Adult must be parents or one of adult family members or the helper of the child
  • 1 pair can be extend 2 siblings with 1 adult. Please consider their safety and behavior during class and for other participates.
  • Including all ingredients for the cooking class , and lunch of what the participants make during class.  
  • Child or kid  means the person less than 10yrs old, &  the above 11yrs is considered as a adult

Booking:  BY APPOINTMENT:  Please write to EMAIL: with  4 following points. then we will discuss the menu with you & instruct you for the payment.

  1. Your full name & phone number
  2. preferable booking date(s)
  3. # of kids and adults.
  4. allergies and dietary restrictions, if any.   


  • After the payment & confirmation, we give you the full address of  Mayu’s Kitchen’s venue   **1st come 1st serve, 
  • Bookings can be made in order of priority & will become effective upon the settlement of tuition fee.
  • Payment is by check or direct payment (bank transfer) at least 3 days before the day of the class

Cancellation policy:

  • Reservation date can be rescheduled, if canceled more than 3 days prior to booking start date
  • If canceled less than 2 days prior to booking start date, a partial refund of 50% of the cost of the class or reservation date can be rescheduled in case the seat is available in next 2 days.
  • No cancellation notice, or If canceled less than 24 hours prior to booking start date, no refund is issued
  • T8 or above:  All of our service is cancelled/postponed.
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